[m-dev.] for review: Aditi back end

Simon Taylor stayl at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Thu Dec 3 17:34:56 AEDT 1998


>From before the code freeze, Fergus wrote:
> So, could you please double-check that you have either acted on all of
> my comments or, for those for which you think no action is necessary,
> explained why?  And could you do a cvs diff of the revelant existing
> files that you have modified, and place it, together with the log
> message, somewhere where I can get at it (e.g. in
> /home/mercury1/stayl/mercury/review)?

Done. I've gone through all the mail for the previous reviews,
and everything has been dealt with. I'll attempt to put together
a relative diff of the changes since then, but it probably won't
be very informative because of all the other stuff that has changed
- e.g. Tom's change to type var.


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