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alg		-	The execution algorithm of Mercury, an efficient
			purely declarative logic programming language.
			Zoltan Somogyi, Fergus Henderson and Thomas Conway. 

			Complete. Published: Journal of Logic Programming,
			volume 29, number 1-3, October-December 1996, pages

cc		-	Committed choice nondeterminism in declarative
			programming languages.
			Fergus Henderson.

			Missing bibliography (paper.bib).  Unpublished?

code_gen	-	Code generation for Mercury
			Thomas Conway, Fergus Henderson, and Zoltan Somogyi

			Complete. Published: Proceedings of the 1995
			International Symposium on Logic Programming,
			Portland, Oregon, December 1995, pages 242-256.

deforest	-	Deforestation and partial evaluation in the Mercury
			Simon Taylor

			Some XXXs through paper.  Unpublished?

detism		-	Determinism analysis in the Mercury compiler.
			Fergus Henderson, Zoltan Somogyi and Thomas Conway

			Complete. Published: Proceedings of the
			Australian Computer Science Conference, Melbourne,
			Australia, January 1996, pages 337-346.

graphs		-	Modelling State in Pure Logic Programming Languages
			Fergus Henderson and Thomas Conway

			Incomplete (from 1994).  Unpublished. 

higher_order	-	Higher-order predicates in Mercury
			Fergus Henderson, Thomas Conway, and Philip Dart

			Incomplete. Unpublished.

inst		-	Instantiation states in logic programs
			Zoltan Somogyi, Fergus Henderson, Thomas Conway

			Incomplete. Unpublished.

profiler	-	empty directory

rtti		-	Run time type information in Mercury
			Thomas Conway, Tyson Dowd, Fergus Henderson,
			David Jeffery and Zoltan Somogyi

			Outline only. Unpublished.

specialize	-	Separate compilation and multiple specialization
			Zoltan Somogyi, Fergus James Henderson,
			Thomas Charles Conway and Harald Sondergaard

			Outline only. Unpublished.

termination	-	Termination Analysis for Mercury
			Chris Speirs, Zoltan Somogyi and Harald Sondergaard

			Complete. Published: Proceedings of the Fourth
			International Static Analysis Symposium, Paris,
			France, September 1997.

to_c		-	Compiling logic programs to C using GNU C as a
			portable assembler
			Fergus Henderson, Thomas Conway, Zoltan Somogyi

			Nearly complete -- seems to be reviewed by JLFP
			however.  Unpublished.

typeclass	-	Type classes in Mercury.
			David Jeffery, Fegus Henderson and Zoltan Somogyi

			Complete.  Submitted.  Unpublished.

vision		-	Logic programming for the real world
			Zoltan Somogyi, Fergus Henderson, Thomas Conway
			and Richard O'Keefe
			Complete.  Published: Proceedings of the ILPS
			'95 Postconference Workshop on Visions for the
			Future of Logic Programming, Portland, Oregon,
			December 1995.

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