trivial diff: mercury_trace.c help message

Fergus Henderson fjh at
Thu Apr 9 13:43:30 AEST 1998

Estimated hours taken: 0.1

	Fix a couple of formatting errors in the tracer help message.

Index: mercury_trace.c
RCS file: /home/mercury1/repository/mercury/runtime/mercury_trace.c,v
retrieving revision 1.9
diff -u -u -r1.9 mercury_trace.c
--- mercury_trace.c	1998/04/08 11:34:09	1.9
+++ mercury_trace.c	1998/04/08 15:36:16
@@ -1455,8 +1455,9 @@
 	printf("valid commands are:\n"
 		"a, EOF:\t\t"
 		"\tabort the current execution.\n"
-		"b <module> <name>:\t"
-		"\tset a breakpoint on the predicate or function <module>:<name>.\n"
+		"b <module> <name>:"
+		"\tset a breakpoint on the predicate\n"
+		"\t\t\tor function <module>:<name>.\n"
 		"\tcontinue to end of program, not printing the trace.\n"
@@ -1473,7 +1474,7 @@
 		"\tprint the variables live at this point.\n"
 		"\tcontinue until forward execution is resumed.\n"
-		"[<N>] [s]:"
+		"[<N>] [s]:\t"
 		"\tskip N events, not printing the trace (default: N=1).\n"
 		"[<N>] S:\t"
 		"\tskip N events, printing the trace (default: N=1).\n"

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