[m-dev.] for review: big step towards a usable debugger, round 3 (part 1 of 3)

Fergus Henderson fjh at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Wed Apr 8 19:27:32 AEST 1998

On 08-Apr-1998, Zoltan Somogyi <zs at cs.mu.OZ.AU> wrote:
> tests/misc_tests/queens.*:
> 	A new test case to test the printing of variables in polymorphic
> 	procedures.


> New File: scripts/mdb
> Help="\
> Name:	mdb - Mercury debugger
> Usage:	mdb executable [<options>]...

I suggest s/executable/<executable>/

> Description:
> 	The arguments of this command form a command line.
> 	If the executable named by this command line is a Mercury program
> 	compiled with --generate-trace, mdb will cause this program to be

I suggest s/--generate-trace/\`--generate-trace'/

> 	executed under the supervision of the Mercury internal debugger.
> 	Otherwise, mdb will execute the command line as if the mdb prefix
> 	weren't there.
> Environment variables:
> "
> case $# in
> 	0)	echo "Usage: mdb <executable> [<arg> ...]"
> 		exit 1;;

I suggest appending `1>&2' to the `echo' command here,
to make the output go to stderr.

Apart from the minor issues noted above, part 1 looks fine.

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