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Fergus Henderson fjh at
Fri Sep 26 14:30:15 AEST 1997

Peter Schachte wrote:
> It would also be a good thing if there were a process whereby *users* could
> get items added to to the TODO list, without having to be able to design
> them.  Even user complaints/criticisms without any specific request 
> or proposal can be taken as a request:  "please fix this problem...."  As
> people think about these things, they can add proposed solutions to the TODO
> list.  Of course, some user proposals won't fit with the philosophy of the
> language; these should be put on a NOTTODO list, or an FAQ.

I have been keeping several email folders:

	bugs		Outstanding bugs
	bugs.fixed	Fixed bugs
	wishlist	Other requests

These are in ~fjh/mercury/bugs.

> ... having items on the TODO list will
> avoid them being raised and discussed repeatedly on the mailing lists, and
> maybe someday a user-requested feature will be interesting to some
> developer. 

Actually I think it is useful for some items to be raised and discussed
repeatedly on the mailing lists, it increases the chance that some developer
will find that feature interesting! ;-)

> It would help this somewhat if the TODO list were really a hypertext
> document, with a brief discussion in the TODO port, and a link to a more
> in-depth discussion/design.

Anyone who wants to volunteer for this task, or the task of going
through my `wishlist' folder and inserting things on the TODO list,
is welcome.

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