documentation in notes/COMPILER_DESIGN

Fergus Henderson fjh at
Mon Feb 24 01:32:24 AEDT 1997


According to `grep', the following modules are not documented in
notes/COMPILER_DESIGN.  Can the people who added them without
fixing the documentation please do so now?  In future, please
be careful to avoid this.

	bytecode.m		- zs
	bytecode_gen.m		- zs
	delay_slot.m		- zs
	det_util.m		- zs
	excess.m		- zs
	fact_table.m		- dmo
	lco.m			- zs
	mode_debug.m		- bromage
	modecheck_call.m	- bromage
	modecheck_unify.m	- bromage
	prog_io_dcg.m		- zs
	prog_io_goal.m		- zs
	prog_io_pragma.m	- zs
	prog_io_util.m		- zs
	stratify.m		- ohutch
	vn_verify.m		- zs

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