[m-dev.] io__write et al

Peter Schachte pets at cs.mu.oz.au
Wed Apr 23 12:46:35 AEST 1997

> > Shouldn't we start encouraging the notation `io:print'?
> No.  That notation should be DIScouraged, because it is going to change
> to `io.print'.  But of course we shouldn't start encouraging the notatino
> `io.print' until after we have implemented it...

This doesn't seem like a good idea.  Firstly, it is error prone, as some
people will tend to write io . print(...).  Secondly, the infix dot
notation is more orthodoxly used for structure member reference, and if we
can work around points 1 and 3, it seems preferable to me to reserve infix
dot for this.  Thirdly, does this mean that we can't use '.' as this list
constructor anymore?  Shouldn't io.print() be the list [io|print()]? 
Finally, colon is a much more conventional module qualification operator. 

What's the rationale for making this change?

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